Terms and Conditions of Sale

Definitions – For the purpose of these trading terms Grand Auto Dismantlers shall be known as” The Supplier” and the party purchasing goods/services from Gran Auto Dismantlers shall be known as “The Customer”.

Used Auto Parts – Used parts sold by the Supplier should be inspected by the Customer to assess their condition before use to confirm their suitability.

Prices – All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment – Payment may be made via

Credit card
Money order/mail order
Monetary transfer through bank
Established credit account
EFTPOS cards

Credit accounts are available to quailed customers. Applications for credit services must be submitted to the Supplier for approval. The Supplier reserves the right to refuse credit to applicants without reason.

Delivery – Delivery of goods to the Customers transport agent will constitute delivery to the Customer. The Customer will pay all delivery cost and any damage caused in transit will not be the responsibility of the Supplier.

If the Supplier agrees to deliver the goods to the Customer, the Customer agrees to pay the delivery fee (if any) notified to the customer.

Title and Risk – Risk in the goods passed to the Customer or his transport agent (including courier companies).

All goods shall remain the property of the Supplier until all debts due to the Supplier are paid in full. Until such payment is made the Customers shall be Bailee of goods and will return them to the Supplier if so required. The Customer irrevocably authorised the Supplier and its servants to enter upon the Customers premises without notice at any time for the purpose of examination or recovery of goods.


Parts Generally

All parts sold by the Supplier have a three month guarantee against defective materials or workmanship from date of sale with the exception of electrical items which are guaranteed to work at the time of sale. The Supplier disclaims any liability for labour costs or other damage, loss of income, downtime/demurrage attributed to the failure of parts supplied by the Supplier. The Supplier will replace free of charge any parts that in his opinion after examination by the Supplier are defective through faulty material or manufacture, if no replacement part is available the Supplier shall refund the purchase price. All returned goods must be accompanied by proof of purchase. All goods must be returned to the Supplier, freight prepaid for inspection prior to warranty being acted upon. Parts used in competition are void of any warranty. Warranty is not transferrable.

Major Mechanical Items – Engines, Gearboxs, Differentials.

All motors sold by the Supplier with standard (silver) Warranty are guaranteed against defective materials or workmanship for a period of three months from the date of invoice. Extended warranties are available at an additional cost and if purchased will be noted on the invoice. Silver Warranty does not include any labour costs associated with part replacement. Parts are not guaranteed against failure or damage arising from faulty or incorrect fitting, incorrect application, damage caused by the failure of other components or equipment or any damage caused by any means over which the Supplier did not have control. Transport is not covered.

Engines are sold long and bare. Accessories, manifolds and fuel systems are not guaranteed to be correct for your vehicle. Ensure close examination before instillation and swap parts from original engine where necessary. In the event of any preliminary signs of malfunction is the customer’s responsibility to cease operation and report problem to Supplier. Failure to comply with this condition may result in more repairs. No claim will be recognised without prior authorisation.

Fitting requirements to ensure warranty.

Cooling system must be cleaned and serviced.
Thermostat & radiator hoses must be checked and replaced if necessary.
Diesel engine fits need to service injectors and injector pumps. (No warranty will apply to engines that have damage caused by faulty injectors and or pumps).
All oil seals must be checked and replaced if necessary.
The use of after market ECU (computer) voids warranty.

All change over motors to be returned to the Supplier as soon as possible or no warranty will be considered.

Turbo units are guaranteed to work on start up only.

Goods returned for credit – Goods returned for credit will only be accepted on the following basis.

Parts have not been dismantled, are complete undamaged and properly packaged.
All requested for credit must be received within the 14 days of invoice date.
All goods approved for return must be received within 21 days of invoice date and accompanied by
Invoice number and date
Reason for return.
All freight on returns must be pre paid.
A 20% handling fee may be charged on goods returned for credit.
At no time can refund amounts exceed original purchase price.
Electrical items that are sold in working condition are not returnable for credit.
No credit will be issued for
Items not purchased from the Supplier
Dismantled parts
Items specifically procured for the Customer

Acceptance of Conditions of Sale – The above conditions of sale constitute the basis of agreement between Supplier and Customer.